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Classic Car Rebuilding & Restoration

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Do you have an old car sitting around that has lost its shine? If you dream of bringing it back to its days of glory, the restoration professionals at Frank’s Auto Body can help. We’re proud to serve as a reputable provider of classic car restoration in Madison, OH, and have many years of experience in the business.

If you’re searching for “classic car restoration near me,” give us a call or drop by for a visit. We’ve had the pleasure of recreating some of the most spectacular cars and look forward to helping you with your latest restoration or rebuilding project. We start the process with a detailed discussion because we want to understand your vision for your newly restored vehicle.

There are three types of classic cars:

  • Original Cars – These spectacular cars have been well-maintained over the years and still contain all their manufacturer-issued parts. There aren’t many original classic cars left, and those that do surface require delicate handling and great respect.
  • Restored Cars – These classic cars have been restored to their original appearance and functionality. New old stock parts or NOS are preferred but not always available. In some cases, new parts are manufactured to fit the original specifications for the car. A fully restored car should look, sound and feel identical to an original car in excellent condition even though the parts aren’t necessarily 100% original.
  • Restored-Modified Cars – These restored classic cars include some modern influences. Think of it as bringing a car back to its former glory and then upgrading it with select enhancements from the current world.

We’re well-known as a leading provider for classic car repair in Madison, OH, because we understand the importance of authenticity when rebuilding or restoring a classic car. We appreciate the unique virtues of every car and strive to recreate various makes and models so that they take the owners back in time.

If you enjoy restoring or rebuilding classic cars as a hobby, you can count on us to help you along when a problem arises. If you have trouble securing the right parts or need help with the engine and other trickier components of a classic car, contact us immediately. Searching the internet for “classic car restoration” is likely to lead you right to our door, and we can’t wait to bring your car back to life.

What if you don’t have the time, skill or desire to restore or rebuild a classic car? Turn to Frank’s Auto Body for prompt, professional classic car restoration in Madison, OH. Allow us to do the work while you kick back and enjoy the final recreation.Some of the classic car restoration and rebuilding services offered by Frank’s Auto Body include:


Frame-Off Restoration

Frame-off restorations are also known as frame-up or ground-up classic car restorations. This is the most comprehensive form of restoration and is often reserved for show cars or vehicles that are driven very little. The process starts with delicately removing the body from the car, allowing our technicians to inspect the frame and all internal parts.
All parts are reconditioned or replaced as needed, and a fresh coat of paint is applied to each part. This process can deliver a pristine car that looks and feels brand new when the restoration process is handled correctly.

In some cases, classic cars are fitted with modern brakes, suspensions and steering mechanisms during the restoration process. While the car is no longer authentic to its original manufacturer specs, it’s safer to drive on modern roads. The choice between genuine restoration and modern safety is a personal decision that every classic car owner will encounter.

Cosmetic Restoration

Restorations performed solely for the sake of appearances are often referred to as frame-up projects. The goal is to make the vehicle look pristine from the outside. The mechanical components remain untouched or are lightly reworked as needed for functional purposes.

This is a faster approach to classic car restoration, and it’s more affordable than the frame-off approach. Many hobbyists start with stripping down the outer frame and restoring the seats, doors, lights and other elements that are easy to see. They may then progress to completely rebuilding classic cars if they have the financial power, spare time and knowledge needed to finish a more substantial project.

At Frank’s Auto Body, cosmetic restorations are completed quickly and with great attention to the finest details. We enjoy transforming classic cars to their greatest glory and can help you with any restoration or rebuilding project. If you need our equipment, time or expertise, contact us to discuss your classic car in greater detail.