Collision & Repair

Collision & Repair

Cutting Edge Technology

State-of-the-art Technology

Quick Turnaround Time

Frank’s Auto Body is equipped with the tools and expertise to handle all of your collision repair needs:

• Cutting-edge technology ensures precision and improves speed for all repairs.
• Our collision services include fiberglass repair for Chevrolet or classic cars, uni-body straightening and panel replacement or repair.
• Allow our professionals restore your car while you recover from the aftermath of your collision.

Are you in need of collision repair in Madison, OH? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Frank’s Auto Body offers exceptional customer service from highly trained technicians working with cutting-edge technology. We’re proud to serve as your one-stop destination for all types of auto body repair in Madison, OH.
Your vehicle may appear beyond repair in the aftermath of an accident. You see the dents, the crushed fenders, the shattered glass and the twisted metal. It’s a heartbreaking experience, but it’s nothing that Frank’s Auto Body can’t handle. Our auto collision and repair services are designed to fully restore your vehicle to working order in as little time as possible.

We’re proud to serve as the leading provider of auto body repair in Madison, OH, and the surrounding area. Our team of highly trained experts will use state-of-the-art technology to safely assess the current condition of your vehicle. We use information delivered by high-tech machinery to create a plan of action that will fix the damage properly the first time around.
You may need collision repair in Madison, OH, if you’re involved in any type of automobile accident. That includes one-car wrecks and serious accidents involving multiple vehicles. From the slightest fender bender to devastating collisions that involve bodily harm as well as property damage, you can count on Frank’s Auto Body to deliver trustworthy auto body repair in Madison, OH.
We believe in open communication from start to finish, so you’ll always know what’s happening with your vehicle. Our talented team of restoration experts will focus on the smallest details, ensuring that your vehicle looks great and functions properly when the job is done.

We’re proud of our reputation as a leading provider of collision repair in Madison, OH. We look forward to helping you untwist the metal and get back to the joy of life in the aftermath of an accident.


Panel Replacement/Repair

When a car panel suffers extensive damage, surface repairs are often insufficient. Instead of filling in damaged spots or repainting, we may need to replace the panel to ensure its safety and restore it to full functionality.

We can perform hood, fender, grille, door or truck lid replacements that allow your vehicle to look good as new in little time. Our experienced technicians are committed to the most cost-effective solutions, so we will only recommend panel replacement if more affordable repairs aren’t possible. We want to return your vehicle as fast as possible, but we also want to make sure that it’s attractive and safe to drive.

Rest assured that we will work closely with your insurance agent to ensure that our repairs are covered by your insurance benefits. We know that the aftermath of an accident is often overwhelming, so we do everything possible to lighten your load. When a panel needs replaced, we will complete the work promptly and return your car in flawless condition.

Fiberglass Repair

Does your Corvette have cracks, splits or breaks in the panels? If so, our fiberglass repair services are the ideal solution. We have well-trained professionals who know how to restore your fiberglass to full working order, protecting the integrity of your vehicle every step of the way. While this requires advanced skills that not all auto technicians possess, our team has extensive experience and can repair your fiberglass flaws safely.

Fiberglass repair may also apply to the restoration of some classic cars. Whether you depend on our experts to fully restore your vehicle or you just want us to take care of tricky fiberglass damage, you can count on us to handle your car with great care. We enjoy the process of restoring classic cars to their natural beauty and utilize high-tech equipment that ensures long-lasting fiberglass improvements.

Our fiberglass repair service always starts with a thorough evaluation of your car. We can provide a free estimate that explains the repair process and gives you a good idea of what your repair may cost.

Frame & Uni-Body Straightening

Frank’s Auto Body is proud to serve as a leading provider of auto frame repair in Madison, OH. Our technicians have significant training and experience in the frame repair process, and our facility is equipped with advanced machinery that makes that process fast and precise. We also provide uni-body straightening in Madison, OH.

What may look like a minor fender bender can turn into significant frame damage once the vehicle is placed on our electronic measuring system. We start by anchoring the car to three advanced machines, which measure the underside of the car for straightness. If the frame isn’t compatible with specs for the vehicle, the machine will reveal the extent of the damage. Our professionals then take steps to straighten the frame so that it’s functional and safe.

You may need frame repair in Madison, OH, after a car accident or any event that could distort the shape of your fender or frame. If you have questions about frame repair or uni-body straightening in Madison, OH, feel free to contact us.

Other Services:

  • Auto dent repair/removal
  • Hail damage repair
  • Paintless dent repair
  • Windshield repair
  • Aluminum repair
  • Fender repair
  • Bumper repair