Why Frank’s?

Why Frank’s?

Free Estimates

After internal and external examination, we deliver precise estimates

Lifetime Warranty

We stand by our work and promise to live up to your expectations!

Award Winning Service

In 25 years of service, Frank’s Autobody has received multiple service awards

Quick Turnaround Time

We aim to minimize inconvenience & return your vehicle back to you on time

I-CAR Gold Certified

We have attained the highest level of auto collision training available in the US today

AAA Approved Auto Repair

We are an American Automobile Association (AAA) approved collision repair center

Honda Certified Auto Repair

We are a ProFirst Honda Certified Collision Repair Shop!

Easy Estimates

We use a two-step estimate process that is free of charge to every customer.

We start with an initial estimate based on a quick inspection of your vehicle’s exterior condition. That’s the only estimate or quote provided by many auto body shops, which is why so many customers are shocked when the final price is much higher than expected.

We don’t want our customers to experience that shock, so we provide a second estimate after looking at the exterior of the vehicle in greater depth. We also examine the interior structure of the vehicle to ensure that the final estimate is accurate and trustworthy. Our team is committed to providing estimates with great integrity because we don’t want our services to become a financial burden.

Our final estimates provide all the details that you need to understand the price of the job. We believe in open communication with every customer, and that starts with the estimate process. Our estimates are designed to explain the work that your vehicle needs so that you leave your car in our care with peace of mind.

If you have more questions after receiving your final estimate, we’re always available to provide additional information. We don’t start the work until you’re comfortable with the estimated price, and you can count on us to provide comprehensive estimates that prepare you for the full cost of your project.

Recovering from an auto collision is chaotic, so we strive to make the auto restoration process easy. With trustworthy estimates, we remove the hassle from a process that is otherwise unsettling.

We look forward to serving you.


Warranties & Guarantees

We stand behind every repair and restoration completed at Frank’s Auto Body.

There’s nothing like seeing the look of satisfaction on a customer’s face when they see their damaged vehicle restored to full functionality and stellar exterior beauty. We believe that excitement should last a lifetime, so we use quality products and leading technology to ensure lasting results.

Whether you turn to our talented team to restore a classic car or you need your vehicle repaired after an auto accident, we’re committed to quality work that will last as long as you own your car. If your repair or restoration fails at any point, bring it back so that we can make it right.

We use premium PPG paint products. As of 2015, all customers are protected by the PPG Lifetime Limited Paint Performance Guarantee, which ensures that all refinish products from the brand are designed to last a lifetime. PPG uses state-of-the-art technology to create superior refinish products that look great and live up to superior quality standards. The guarantee ensures that select PPG products will last as long as you own your vehicle.

If you aren’t sure whether a repair or restoration that we completed in the past is eligible for a warranty or guarantee, contact us immediately. We’ll evaluate the vehicle to determine whether additional repairs are needed. If we determine that our initial work has failed, we’ll correct the problem at no additional charge.

We look forward to serving you.


Award-Winning Service

Why should you trust Frank’s Auto Body with your vehicle? Our well-established reputation as a reliable service provider speaks for itself.

We’ve also received numerous awards and have won multiple industry events, including:

• 2019 Cleveland Piston Powered Auto Rama – 1st in Class
• Outstanding Detail award Columbus, Ohio – 1st in Class
• Best Paint Cleveland, Ohio
• 1st in Class Sevierville, Tennessee
• 1st in Class Rochester, New York
• 1st in Class Detroit, Michigan

Frank’s Auto Body has been awarded multiple other best-in-class and first place awards, and we look forward to winning more in the years to come. While our primary concern is the satisfaction of our customers, it’s exhilarating to see our hard work acknowledged by leading industry professionals.

We always take a customer-first approach to business and pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. Our experienced technicians are committed to following industry trends and educating themselves on the latest technological advances. That allows us to provide state-of-the-art services while embracing only the best parts and products. There’s no other way to continue our award-winning track record of excellence.

We look forward to serving you.


Quick Turnaround Times

Deadlines are taken seriously at Frank’s Auto Body.

We understand the inconvenience that comes with most auto body repairs, and we want to return your vehicle as quickly as possible. We set realistic deadlines at the beginning of every project, and we do everything possible to stick to those deadlines.

That includes a fast-paced work environment designed to process vehicles quickly without losing touch with our strict quality standards. Our experienced technicians are trained to pay attention to the smallest details, but they also maintain incredible focus to ensure that working hours are never wasted. That’s how we complete jobs big and small in reasonable amounts of time without compromising the integrity of our work. You will never have to question what our technicians are doing. We maintain constant communication with each of our customers, providing updates as our team transitions between stages of the work process.

If there are unexpected problems or delays, you will know about it immediately. When things are running smoothly, you will receive those pleasant updates as well.

We want you to feel like part of the team at Frank’s Auto Body. We’re always available to answer questions or to provide on-the-spot updates regarding the progress of your vehicle’s repair or restoration. We’re open to all forms of communication that are convenient for you because we want you to feel confident that your vehicle is in the care of trustworthy professionals.

Our ultimate goal is to return your repaired or restored vehicle as quickly as possible. We’re constantly improving our work process to ensure that every deadline is hit without struggle.

We look forward to serving you.


I-CAR Gold Certified

I-CAR Gold Class is the highest level of auto collision training available in the United States today. Few auto body shops have achieved this level of training, so we’re proud of our I-CAR Gold status. Our technicians and personnel go through extensive training in order to maintain that status, and they look forward to even more in-depth training in the years to come.

Our team members spend a lot of time following updated industry trends and learning about the newest collision technology. Not only are we passionate about the collision and restoration industry, but we want to provide exceptional services to our customers. With state-of-the-art equipment and up-to-date training, we can create spectacular auto transformations that leave our customers satisfied.

You can count on Frank’s Auto Body to pay close attention to the finest details when completing repairs or restorations on your vehicle. We take great pride in our work, and we understand that you can’t deliver superior results if you aren’t focused on the smallest elements of the job. That level of service starts with proper training for every member of the team, but it also requires significant passion and personal interest in the auto repair and restoration process.

When selecting an auto body shop to repair or restore your vehicle, ask about the awards and certifications that each shop has achieved. You’ll find that Frank’s Auto Body stands at the front of the line in terms of quality-based achievements, and we look forward to putting our expertise to work for you.

We look forward to serving you.


AAA Approved Collision Repair Center

Frank’s Autobody is an American Automobile Association (AAA) approved collision repair center. Only a small percentage of repair shops meet the AAA standards and become an Approved Auto Repair Shop. It’s a process that requires transparency and honesty while seeking the AAA approval. The process of approval includes:

1. AAA Performs Surveys: Upon initial application, AAA representatives make a personal visit to the shop and survey the business. They poll customers about their satisfaction with the service received, and a shop must score a 94% satisfaction rating or higher.

2. AAA Tours Repair Facility: The representatives ensure if the proper and modern equipment is present. They check overall condition and state of the facility.

3. AAA Interviews the Repair Techs: AAA ensures that the repair technicians are ASE Certified in every repair area that the repair facility performs. The ASE Certifications show that the shop’s mechanics are highly skilled. AAA also checks to ensure that there are Master Technicians on staff. A Master Technician is certified in every area of the ASE Certification scope.

4. AAA Checks the Shop’s Credibility: AAA checks to ensure the shop carries the proper liability insurance, and perform checks to ensure the business is ethical, credible, and trustworthy.

Even after the initial approval rating, repair facilities are inspected and monitored to ensure they maintain the standards. We at Frank’s Auto body believe in setting a certain standard and then maintaining it over the years. The AAA certification is a result of staying true to our values and ethics.

We look forward to serving you.


Honda Certified Auto Repair

Why is it important to use a Honda certified auto-body shop? Keeping the value of your Honda as high as possible after an accident, integrity of its structural composition, and most importantly, for your safety should be you ever have another accident.

As A ProFirst Honda Certified Collision Repair Shop, we provide:

  • Repairs Completed to Honda Standards
  • I-CAR Gold Certified Technicians
  • Held to a Higher Standard by Honda for Repairs and Customer Service
  • The Best in High-Quality Honda Certified Collision Repairs

Also, having your Honda auto-body repairs completed at Frank’s Auto body & Restoration Inc. will also help maintain your original factory warranty – another perk of using a ProFirst Honda Certified Collision Repair shop.

At Frank’s Auto body & Restoration Inc., you’ll also get a Lifetime Warranty on all auto-body repairs that we complete. It includes manufacturers’ warranty on all parts.

Plus, we offer towing services, and we can work directly with your insurance company to expedite your claim repairs.

We believe in better customer experience and want to provide you with the best collision repair service. Contact us today to schedule your estimate and see the difference when you use a ProFirst Honda Certified Collision Repair facility like Frank’s Auto body.